Issue No.17 – Electric Man

Every time I listen to this track I can’t believe just how fast it is. Perhaps we had more than our fair share of black coffee before we started working on it! Our drummer Paul was not in the studio when we laid down the instruments and vocals so we worked with an electronic drum track to keep us in time. It was only when Paul sat behind the drum kit and started to play along that we all realised how fast the whole thing was moving. 

Dave stayed in the drum booth with Paul in an effort to keep him going, at one point it reminded me of a coxswain in an Oxford & Cambridge boat race ranting at his crew to spur them on. Tony the producer and I just sat in the control room mouths aghast wondering how Paul hadn’t spontaneously combusted! What we also didn’t know was that Paul had the impression that the song had a definite ending so at the appropriate point he started playing a huge drum break for the big finish only to look up and see Dave leaping up and down screaming for him to keep going as we had already decided to let the track fade. I suppose it’s a bit of a trade secret but if you listen carefully you you can pick out that mega roll! 

Paul was an absolute star that day and the fact that he kept it all together will always seem like a bit of a miracle to me. No doubt the thought of him having to play the whole damn thing all over again was enough for Paul to make sure he nailed it first time! 

Oh yes, the story behind the song? Never trust anyone who knows more about wires than you do! 

Anyway, after all of that , I’m just too tired to talk about anything anymore. 


Song info:   
Vocals & guitars - Keith   
Bass & keyboards – Dave 
Drums - Paul Beavis     
Engineering & recording – Tony Arnold   
Production - Dave and Malcolm   
Mastering - Malcolm

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