Issue No.16 – Horizontal Conversation

Like most people I was of the opinion that the phrase ‘all is fair in love and war’ was coined by our old pal William Shakespeare but in fact it was first seen (albeit in Ye Olde English) in a novel by a chap called John Lyly, who was actually on the literary scene around about the same time as The Bard, they may even have been drinking buddies for all I know but that’s just a wild guess on my part. 

So - ‘Horizontal Conversation’ - and no, this is not a song written about a personal vendetta over a fish supper down the local chippy - manifested itself as my pen was poised over a blank sheet of paper and I was thinking about how most people from teenage years upwards have at some point (putting it kindly) ‘ been taken advantage of’ where matters of the heart are concerned. Anyway, the message behind the song is obviously pretty clear when you have nothing left to give, then maybe it’s time for you to take something back - your very own ‘pound of flesh’ so to speak. 

I am most certain Will would agree. 


Song info:   
Vocals & guitars - Keith   
Keyboards – Dave 
Drums - Paul Beavis     
Engineering & recording – Tony Arnold   
Production - Dave and Malcolm   
Mastering - Malcolm

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